Is Durham Better Than Oxford?

Durham has long been considered the destination of choice for Oxbridge rejects. It is a popular place for bright students who don’t make the grade at Oxford and Cambridge, or who want to get away from the pressure of a top-tier university environment.

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Is Durham Better Than Oxford?

But some students at Durham are keen to shake off this image, and replace it with one of a less competitive institution. The Students’ Union has recently published a 48-page ‘Culture Commission’, which aims to end the label and rebrand the university as a more cosmopolitan place.

The SU has a point:

while Durham is not as cosmopolitan or as well-funded as its Oxbridge rivals, it is still an English university with a strong tradition. And that’s what makes it stand out from other British universities.

If you’re considering applying to study at Durham, then it’s a good idea to spend some time preparing your personal statement. This will help you to highlight your achievements and demonstrate why you’re a good candidate for the course you’re applying for.

GCSE grades also have an important role to play in your application. Specifically, it’s worth highlighting your strong GCSE grades in Maths-based courses. This could make a difference to your application and your chances of being offered a place at Durham.

As an established university, Durham does consider applicants’ individual backgrounds when making offers. However, most people will receive standard entry offers from Durham based on their academic qualifications. If you’re unsure whether you qualify for a contextual offer, then it’s best to talk to our expert admissions consultants. They’ll be able to provide you with the right support and advice to boost your chances of getting a place at Durham this year.

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