Is Shinola Made in China?

Shinola is a Detroit-based manufacturing company. The brand manufactures watches, bicycles, leather goods, and more. It also recently expanded its factory to assemble speakers, headphones, and custom-made bicycles. When Detroit struggles, Shinola has helped put real jobs back to work. According to the Detroit Free Press, they employ 357 people in the city. And they are planning to expand their operations in the future.

Shinola’s marketing team has been very good at telling its story. That’s why the company was awarded a Gem Award for marketing last year. However, the company is facing some challenges and could lose interest from watch collectors.

Is Shinola Made in China?

Among the troubles is that the company has difficulty finding U.S. manufacturers and suppliers, and it lists parts from Asia and China shinola watch troy mi. While the company is building up its manufacturing capabilities, it’s still difficult to ensure that the parts it assembles are American.

Even though Shinola’s products are assembled in Detroit, its production facility doesn’t qualify for the Made in America label. Most “American” watches are made in Switzerland or Asia. The company aims to bring more components to the US, but it’s unclear how that will happen.

Is Shinola made in China

Currently, 84 workers assemble watches at the Shinola plant in Midtown. The employees assemble the parts from around the world and combine them into watch cases. Workers wear lab coats and matching Crocs and work behind a floor-to-ceiling glass wall. Some workers lash the leather straps, others repair case backs, and still others manipulate minuscule parts.

As of now, the company says it will produce about 150,000 to 170,000 watches this year. But they are still hoping to become profitable by next year.

A Swiss quartz movement provider, Ronda AG, produces the Shinola watch. Its components are from Thailand and China. Although the company calls it “built in Detroit,” the watch is not.

Shinola has had problems finding local manufacturers. The company’s founder commissioned a study on consumer preferences. He found that most consumers prefer to buy a “Detroit-made” pen, despite the higher price. Other people preferred a Chinese-made pen because it was cheaper.

Shinola’s headquarter is in an Art Deco building that used to house General Motors. It’s located on two floors of the prestigious institution. One floor houses offices and the other is devoted to production.

When the company began, it hired Americans to do the work. This was a smart move, considering that the manufacturing process for a luxury watch is expensive. However, it also means that the workers at the plant are paid more than the minimum wage in Michigan.

But there are other factors that prevent the Shinola from qualifying for the “Made in America” label. One of them is the fact that many of the components for the watches are imported from other countries. Another is the fact that most of the watch is shipped from Switzerland to a facility in Detroit.

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