How Sleever Works for Wrap-around Sleeve Packaging?

A Sleever machine, or wrap-around sleever, is such kind of packaging machine that allows the automation packaging to place paperboard or cardboard sleeve over an individual package of containers of multipacks of trays, cups, tubs, pots, tin cans and so forth, and then slide the sleeves around the container and close the packaging by adhesive. Wrap-around sleeve packaging is a sub-category of secondary packaging and is nowadays becoming more and more popular now that cardboard sleeve is considered to be a sustainable alternative to plastics.

Wrap-around Sleeve Packaging is considered eco-friendly.

Companies are increasingly aware of the search for alternatives to the use of plastic. Packaging made of plastics are now being replaced by reusable paperboard and cardboard sleeves.

Cardboard sleeve packaging is considered to be sustainable and environmentally friendly now that it replaces shrink film packaging and thus reduce significantly the consumption of plastics and paper materials. Compared to shrink wrapping, wrap around sleeve packaging involves less consumption of energy.

How Sleever Works for Wrap-around Sleeve Packaging?

Apart from the sustainability. The wrap-around sleeve packaging conquers ground on the shelves of any supermarket, ready to attract the attention of the clientele. Now that wrap-around sleeves are very versatile and easy to be customized.

The trend is prevailing in a multitude of sectors. From food to pharmaceutical firms, through textiles, industry and cosmetics, among many others.

What does Wrap-around Sleeve Packaging Works

Cardboard sleeves are placed around the product without tension. Sleever machines will fasten the sleeves around the production. In some cases, packaging may not be tight enough thus cause the products to slip out of the cardboard sleeve. Such a feature usually happens to the sleeve packaging of ready meals.

Additional rims and apertures on the sleeves can prevent this, but they can also make it difficult to place the cardboard sleeve around the product. Such kind of sleeve packaging is typical on multipacks of yogurt cups.

Wrap-around sleever usually applies adhesive and glue to secure the packaging.While this can cause dirt, hair or other particles to stick to the glued area, it is also possible to apply interlock glueless sleeve packaging.

Manufacturer of Wrap-around Sleever

ESTRENA Wrap-around Sleever by ELITER Packaging Machinery allows the automatic packaging for wrapping cardboard sleeves around trays of ready meals, yogurt cups, snack pots, etc.

ESTRENA Wrap-around Sleever reaches productivity of up to 150 packages per minute, depending on the sleeve sizes and the type of product to be packed. In case of products with particular shapes, the package can be reinforced by adding a timed infeed system to group and arrange the products fed.

The realizable formats vary according to the shape, capacity and dimensions of the containers; in general, the configurations that are most in-demand on the market are the following:

For ready meals:

  • single package
  • double layer

For multipack such as yogurt cups and canned tuna:

  • 1×2 multipack
  • 1×3 multipack
  • 2x2multipack

Fore more information, please visit the website of ELITER Packaging Machinery at:

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