For your safety, United Scaffolding San Diego provides professional scaffolding services. Our equipment includes all the necessary components to erect and dismantle a scaffold. We can design, manufacture, and assemble your scaffolding, too. Our service also includes engineering and CAD design, as well as Jobsite tracking and safety training programs. You can rest assured that we’ll provide the best results for your project.

Variety of Scaffolding Systems

Cuplock is a fully galvanized, multi-purpose steel scaffold system designed for general access and supporting vertical loads. Cuplock features a unique circular node point that allows up to four components to fasten together in a single fastening action.

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The company also provides mobile scaffolding towers and SkyClimber platforms. Tube and clamp scaffolds combine multiple steel tubes with clamps scaffolding and rental. These platforms can be joined at any interval to create a custom design. A tube and clamp system is flexible and ideal for a variety of applications, including heavy load work.

Scaffolds come in various styles and materials. A cuplock scaffold system is fully galvanized and is ideal for general access and supporting vertical loads. Cuplock scaffolding features a unique circular node point, allowing up to four components to connect in a single fastening action.

It can be purchased with mobile towers. Another popular type of scaffolding is a tube and clamp, which is a versatile steel frame with clamps that connect the horizontal tubes to vertical tubes at a variety of intervals. This versatile system is an excellent choice when you need to use a portable tower, or for carrying heavy loads.

The company also offers mobile scaffolds and trestle scaffolds for indoor and outdoor projects. Trestle scaffolds are a great option for smaller jobs, as they can be adjusted easily. They’re a great solution for small repair projects. The company has a wide range of swing stage packages, so you’re sure to find the right product for your project. Whether it’s a high-rise building or a tiny structure, they’re sure to meet your needs.

The trestle scaffolding is designed for indoor use and is a low-risk alternative. They are not as tall as ladders and are often used for smaller jobs. However, a swing stage can be up to 5 meters tall. If the need is only for a small repair, the trestle scaffold is an excellent option. It stands on movable tripods. The height can be adjusted to fit your project.

The company offers trestle scaffolds for indoor and outdoor construction. This type of scaffolding is perfect for smaller jobs. The only limit to the height is five meters. With trestle, you can connect vertical and horizontal tubes at different intervals, so you can make the scaffolding as high as you need it. They are also versatile and can handle heavy loads. For example, they can be used in the aerospace industry.

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