The Ontario Propane Association (OPA) is an organization that is committed to promoting, protecting and maintaining the use and sale of Propane as a fuel. Propane is an easy to use and safe fuel for all appliances. Propane can be used to run an endless list of household appliances; such as, refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens, lawnmowers, motorcycles, recreational vehicles, fireplaces, outdoor gas heaters and even boats.Hot Air Balloon, Burner, Flame, Hot

With all the proposed changes coming in the upcoming Propane Installations Regulations, there are a number of things you need to keep in mind. The OPA wants to make sure that the rules of the association remain unchanged. As we all know, Propane Sales and Use Regulations were recently amended in May 2021. One of the biggest amendments was to eliminate all residential propane facilities from being connected to commercial buildings or new residences. Propane Sales and Use Regulations now only allow a Propane Service Provider to be connected to a residential dwelling.

Propane Retailers Association of Canada

Although some areas have already implemented the new changes, there are still areas across canada that will have to wait until the end of the year 2021 Propane Gravenhurst. There are three main reasons why the Ontario Propane Association is opposed to the Propane Installation Regulations across Canada. These reasons include, safety concerns, damages caused by accidents, and reliance on foreign propane suppliers.

One major reason why the Ontario Propane Association is against these Propane Installations Regulations across canada is because of the dangers of accidents. In fact, the number of fatalities due to propane spills and accidents has now reached crisis levels across the country. This is in spite of the fact that there are now modern safety features on most of the popular propane stoves and products. There are also measures that have been taken by government across Canada, such as mandatory ignition interlocks and closed valve systems.

Another reason why the association is opposed to the Propane Industry Regulations acrosscanada is because of the dangers of reliance on foreign suppliers. Foreign based propane dealers have been continually reported to be carrying out shoddy workmanship and installing faulty equipment. Some of these accidents even result in death. The Propane Industry Association has consistently warned that the threat of using unlicensed workers in this industry is one of the greatest threats to the well being of the propane industry in this country. The last thing that a homeowner wants is for their family to become ill because of the propane installation work that was done on their home.

Final Words

With the increasing concern over the dangers of working with propane, it is important for all of us to band together and support the work of the propane retailers across canada. The association has done much to set standards across the industry for safety and performance. And now we need to ensure that these standards are being met by those who provide services to our homes. And we need to ensure that these standards are being met by the manufacturers of the products and the individuals who install them.

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