In many instances, when new air conditioners are procured for the business or home, the original unit may no longer be in compliance with the local HVAC ordinances. This can be a pain in the neck, especially if you are not familiar with your local codes.

Air Conditioning Plenum Boxes

However, there is an easy solution to this issue and this is to replace the existing air conditioning plenum with a new one.

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The replacement air conditioning plenum is made out of a material known as cold airflow plastic. It is essentially a thick, rough material that is used to help with creating airflow within the duct system of the system air conditioning Randwick. Basically, this means that the unit will have two holes drilled in the bottom of the existing air conditioning plenum and these are meant to be used for installing the cold air flow plastic.

As soon as the new unit is installed, the existing ceiling ducts will then be connected to the cold air flow plastic, and this is when the new airflow problem is created. Once this is connected the cold air will then be able to create the airflow needed to help with heating or cooling the home or business.

The installation of the air conditioning plenum boxes is extremely easy and the process usually takes about thirty minutes or so to complete. Once done the replacement ceiling ducts will be connected and the cold air ducts will be connected to the new, hot air supply air conditioning system.

To complete the installation process, the three main components that are involved will be fastened together with stainless steel screws. When these are fastened together, you can rest assured that your HVAC system will be working at its optimal capacity and that it will be running efficiently now and in the future.

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