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The Urban Atlantic Maritime Advantage is a detailed look at the shipping industry and how it works, and how it is regulated. It talks about the advantages of having an ocean port, the legalities involved, and how the US government has worked with ports around the country to provide the infrastructure that allows them to function well go to Nordheimer. It then goes into the practical logistics involved in maintaining a port, as well as what you can do to improve your shipping business. This book was primarily written as a professional resource for the entrepreneur wanting to start a business or expand one, to better understand the importance of port facilities, and why you should care.Lighthouse, Nova Scotia, Canada, Ocean

Urban Atlantic Maritime Advantage

However, there are plenty of discussions about the pitfalls of doing business along the Gulf of Mexico. The book talks about the importance of being honest with the insurance company, and how you can save money if you file the right paperwork and avoid certain things. One section talks about how to pick the right charter boat for the job, and how many of the tips the author uses himself. The section also touches on the weather along the Gulf coast, and how that affects shipping.

Final Words

The fact that The Urban Atlantic Maritime Advantage is available in eBook format means that you don’t have to go out and buy the physical book. You can simply download the PDF version for free, and then read along as you would with a regular book. This makes the book not only very portable but informative as well, since you’ll get a wealth of information that you can put to good use. Any self-respecting shipping entrepreneur needs this book, whether they do ship from the East Coast, or the West Coast. If you are shipping any sort of product for any kind of reason, whether it’s freight or other products, you will benefit from reading The Urban Atlantic Maritime Advantage.

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