The International Business Brokers Association (IBA) is a non-profit organization operating for investors and companies engaged in mergers and acquisitions worldwide.


This association offers standard business brokers educational seminars, business training, networking opportunities, and professional branding. In addition, the IBA also offers an annual international trading show to bring together foreign and local business brokers.

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The IBA was established in 1974 by three men; Richard Lazarus, Allen Hancock, and Morris Ringfield. They founded the International Business Brokers Association as a means to standardize business brokerage practices throughout the world Ty Tysdal. Since its establishment, the IBA has grown into a worldwide business brokerage firm providing a variety of services to a wide range of global business brokers and investors.

The association does not just offer standard business training but also works closely with its members to provide high-level business guidance. The IBA also works closely with the Department of Justice, providing information on securities fraud, investment frauds, and foreclosures to members as well as the general public. These fraud prevention efforts are a vital component of any standard business broker’s business plan.

The IBA does require all its members to maintain a high standard of personal and professional conduct when it comes to business practices. Any company wishing to become an IBA member must meet a number of standards including having a properly operated business brokerage firm and meeting all applicable requirements of the Investment Advisers Act (IAA). The IBA does not discriminate against any type of business or industry. All legitimate IBA members can rest assured that the IBA will not exclude them based on their business type or industry.

Because the IBA is focused on providing a higher standard of business standards to its members, it provides a number of opportunities for its members to conduct business. Among the many benefits, the IBA provides its members is the ability to take advantage of the IBA’s unique capabilities to expand their business. The IBA also has developed a strong network of business brokers throughout the United States that provides crucial business advisory and assistance services to their members.

Because there are a limited number of qualified business brokers in today’s market, an IBA member can benefit from utilizing the organization’s resources to locate a business broker that is in need of additional business.

Members who find a business broker through the IBA will gain access to a variety of resources and have the opportunity to work directly with the business brokerage. These services include access to business directories, business news, and business blogs that provide members with a variety of information and advice. Other benefits of becoming an IBA member include:

Each year the IBA hosts hundreds of business seminars and workshops for IBA members. These events provide members with a forum to discuss business-related issues and share case studies involving various types of business and commercial issues.

Through these events, IBA members are able to receive practical advice and learn about a variety of business-related topics including mergers and acquisitions, commercial banking, entrepreneurship, merchant banking, mergers and franchises, and business analysis. Through the years the IBA has continued to promote professionalism, develop resources to help member business brokers understand the IBA process, and strengthen the ties between business brokers and IBA member businesses.

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