The Sleep CPAP cleaner is the leading brand in personal health care technology. The Sleep uses ozone (Activated Oxygen) to disinfect everything you put into the replaceable reusable cleaning container go now. The patented Sleep system allows you to use the same equipment as professional CPAP users, which will allow you to have a clean machine to use every time you need one.

Zoey CPAP Cleaner

Pros and Cons

The innovative technology of Sleep includes a dual chamber cleaner. The first chamber contains a specially designed ozone generator. When the patient puts his or her face into the mask, the generator heats up the ozone gas produced by the air pump. This gas passes through a precision tunnel into the second chamber, where it is combined with a disinfecting agent. The final step is a quick rinse – the user is ready for his or her next treatment.

Final Words

While Sleep has high ratings in effectiveness, many users have raised questions about the durability of the masks. While the masks seem durable, some users noted that they were easily damaged. Specifically, users noted that the mask was easily ripped in the middle but then easily repaired by simply tearing the rip apart. Another user reported that he or she tried several masks before finding the right fit and then promptly cracked the mask in half. This user expressed concerns about the quality of the masks, particularly considering that many sleepers will be using them for an extended period of time.

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