What does working as a landscape designer or architect look like? Basically, plan and design outdoor land areas for future projects including parks, airports, highways, malls, educational facilities, housing and commercial, industrially, and residential/resale properties.

Science and Design

A landscape designer works with architects, contractors, consultants, designers, masons, surveyors, builders, landscape artists, plumbers, electricians, and many others to lay out land to be used for various projects. They are also responsible for providing information to local governmental agencies about the type of land that will be used, what it will look like, and how it will be maintained.

Forest, Mist, Nature, Trees, Mystic

Many people have an idea of what a landscape designer and landscape architect to do but often get the two confused. While the architect designs the blueprint of the project, the landscape designer designs the colors, materials, and plants that will be used Landscaper Pleasant Hill CA. A horticulturist researches for species that will grow on the land, what diseases they may acquire, what kind of climate will prevail, what kinds of trees and shrubs will be planted, what fences, walls, roads, walkways, parking lots, benches, etc.

Landscape designers are educated in horticultural science, but not necessarily in the theoretical principles of plant life and plant development. They are typically hired by architects in place of the architect who would render the actual design.

This is because landscape designers often have a background in horticulture, as horticulture majors are required to take a year of study and put four years of work experience into use before they can practice. Landscape architects are usually employed on a contract basis, which means they are paid on an hourly or salaried basis. Hire companies are very specific about the number of hours a landscape designer should work and the amount of landscape work they require.

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