Real estate investing, as in real estate investing, is a business wherein a person buys a piece of real estate, usually a residential, commercial or agricultural real estate and makes improvements to it so that it may serve the purpose of being a home or place to live. Real realtor investment essentially consists of buying real estate at a low cost, remodeling it to increase its value and selling it at a high price.

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A realtor is a real estate broker who assists buyers and sellers in selling real estate. Real estate agents work in conjunction with a realtor to provide MLS information on available properties, assist buyers and sellers in locating suitable properties and close deals on behalf of their clients. The realtor obtains commissions from the sale of a real estate property.

Real Estate Agents Overview

There are different kinds of real estate agents. In real estate investing, a realtor is typically involved in the closing and purchasing process of a real estate transaction. Another kind of real estate agent is the agent who sells real estate, and sometimes a seller may need help from a realtor as well, when selling a real estate property.

The real estate agent in turn will make an offer on the property and will receive commission from the selling price. Sometimes sellers will hire a realtor’s assistance in selling real estate because the process of listing and advertising can be time consuming and many realtors have connections that can help them in the process of listing real estate for sale or rent.

Other kinds of real estate agents include the appraisers, who evaluate properties for the sellers and buyers. Appraisers may also do the negotiation and contract administration for their clients.

Final Words

While it is a common misconception that real estate agents are lawyers or attorneys, they are actually brokers and sometimes stockbrokers who have specialized training in the real estate business. It is best for investors to understand the differences among real estate agents before engaging one so they can choose which type best suits their needs.

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