Custom neon signs first reached their zenith of popularity during the 1920s to mid-1940s, however, they quickly died down with the emergence of more advanced and efficient LED technology. Today, although the phrase “neon” has been used repeatedly to describe these kinds of lights, neon gas isn’t widely used anymore to produce more than one-third of all the colors in existence including blue, red, and yellow.

Instead, manufacturers focused on making clear signs that can be seen from afar. Still, there are many stores today that sell neon signs – both large or small – and are quite popular for their effective and eye-catching displays.

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Custom Neon Signs

The main draw of custom neon signs nowadays isn’t exactly illumination per se, but rather their eye-catching quality bedroom neon signs. They’re designed in a way that allows them to be seen from a distance and their strong color rendering makes them a popular choice in retail or advertising signage.

Their luminosity can even go as far as producing a dance-the-brick effect as seen in many modern-day advertisements. Another reason why they are so appealing is that most of them are created using a solid-state LED technology that offers extremely high efficiency and great color rendering quality.

You may wonder what led technology is. In simple terms, lead is an inexpensive and highly efficient light source. Its use is seen on street signs that display animated texts or images in either a horizontal or vertical format and is also found in neon sign manufacturers’ products. Today, custom neon signs utilize led lights as opposed to traditional fluorescent bulbs. This is because of the fact that it is much more cost-effective and also very energy-efficient. It is also safer to deploy, which is important when you have customers and workers walking around in areas where there’s the risk of electrical shocks.

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