Worldwide Brands is an international manufacturer of disposable diapers and other baby-related products. It was started by Chris Malta in 1999 and is located as a manufacturing corporation in Worldwide, Florida. They offer competitive prices for quality products. The features of Worldwide Brands include the Dura-dry dual-action tote. These bags help parents carry around their baby on the go.

Worldwide Brands

What sets this diaper brand apart from others is that it has unique features like the diaper changing mat, water-resistant liner, adjustable straps for secure fit, leak-proof bottle pocket, contoured exterior, and more Worldwidebrands. Dura-dry diapers have different features such as the adjustable Velcro strap, front leak-proof pockets, dual-action changing pad, front pouch for storing wet diapers, and rear pouch with Velcro fastenings for easy removal.

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The front pocket has two bottle compartments, one for water and one for waste. These disposable diapers also come with a special feature called the ‘medal pocket’, which is designed like a golf bag, with compartments for keys and cell phones.

The brand is also known for its wide variety of accessories such as a carrying case, a travel changing mat, an adjustable changing pad, disposable diaper covers, a baby wipe, a burp cloth, and a baby bottle brush.

Its specialty items include hooded bottle pads, which are designed to protect a baby’s head from strong fumes while still letting the aroma of the baby’s bottle circulate. These hoods also prevent baby bottles and dishes from getting spilled. Some of these hoods also have washable liners. All of these features make Worldwide Brands a top choice for parents.

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