Microsoft Office is one of the most popular applications for use within the workplace. There are millions of people who use it every single day and many thousands of documents are created on a daily basis from within the office.

Microsoft Office

Documents need to be shared across the organization, whether this is through computers or printers, so it’s important that everyone is able to share the same document. One way that this can be done is via using the Google Docs service, which is basically an application that can be used to create documents within the workplace.

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Docs will then be stored into a folder that can be accessed by multiple users, allowing the workflow to continue without any problems. This is extremely beneficial when dealing with large amounts of files, especially if multiple members of staff need access to the same document at the same time.

However, there are a few problems with it, mostly around how much time it takes for a user to get the document, as Google has implemented a high level of security. This has made the experience of working on Docs using the Google Drive Downloads tool quite slow, which is why most alternatives such as Dropbox have been implemented to save users time.

The biggest problem with using Docs from Google is the speed of delivery. Each document needs to be downloaded and then opened within the system, which means that users can spend a large amount of time waiting for each document to load. This then slows the productivity of the team, as everyone has to get the work done quickly and efficiently To solve this problem, other services such as Dropbox have been developed, mainly because of the problems that Office has.

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